For Winter 2023-24 I have spots for a few new students in their homes (Austin area) or online. Please call to discuss your goals and logistics. (512) 585.9724

I spent much of the pandemic making customized video lessons content, so my students get access to hundreds of unlisted YouTube videos.

Here are recent content options that I’ve customized for students:

  • Working on non-classical solos (Anime, video game, soundtrack, fiddle, pop)
  • Applied music theory (What are chord progressions all about?)
  • Vibrato, shifting, technique focus
  • Practice boot camp – work efficiently to get best results in least time

Can I make you a great player? No. That’s up to you. You get out of it what you put into it. For beginner kids, every minute of parental help really pays off. For adult students, take your mind out of it and trust that the work will pay off. I’m willing to work with anyone who’s interested. I believe that enjoyment comes from achievement. Achievement requires consistent focused work. If you don’t practice at least 5 days a week (or set high expectations for your kid to do so), you probably won’t have a positive experience with music lessons. I’ll still work with you, help you find your motivation. I want you to succeed. You can build the discipline to make it happen! “Character first, ability second” -Shin’ichi Suzuki

These videos (one newer, one older, and a TikTok-inspired helper for those struggling with keeping instruments in tune) aren’t intended to show off my playing, just examples of customized content I’ve created for students.